The Rescue game

Save the people

In this page you can find all the links to the Rescue game. You can have it as an applet inside a web page, as a stand alone program or as a midlet for java enabled cellular phones.

The Rescue applet


You can insert the rescue applet in your web page adding the following tag:

<applet code=Rescue width=0 height=0 archive=Rescue.jar>

<param name=language value=italiano>


The language parameter sets the language used for help and menus and can have two different values: english (the default) and italiano.

As soon that the page is loaded the applet opens a new window with the game inside.

The Rescue program

The same  Rescue.jar file can be used to run the same progam in a stand alone mode.

In some system the jar extension is already linked to the Java Virtual Machine, so that if you double click on the file icon the application starts. Otherwise you can run the program with the command

java -jar Rescue.jar.

The default language is english but if you run the java class with the parameter  italiano the language changes to italian. The command becomes

java -jar Rescue.jar italiano

The Rescue midlet

You can download the rescue midlet from the link or the equivalent in italian from link . To reduce the memory use on some cellular phones like Siemens MC60 you can load another midlet from the link and the link

The map: The game:



You have to reach your friends (blue) and take them till an house or an hospital without being kept by your enemies (black).
If a friend of yours has been wonded you have to carry him to the hospital to save him.
To pass a river you can build a bridge and go to the water.
When you are loaded you slow down but on paths you go faster and on roads more and more.
When you are carrying a friend you cannot go on rocks.
You can get inside and outside houses and hospitals only throught entrances."

Rescue applet and Rescue program keys

Go right: RIGHT,G,L,S
Go left: LEFT,F,H,A
Go up: UP,T,K,W
Go down: DOWN,V,J,Z
Go right-up: Y
Go left-up: R
Go right-down: B
Go left-down: C
Drop you friend: ENTER
Build a bridge: ENTER
game/map: ESC

Rescue midlet keys

Go to right: RIGHT,6
Go to left: LEFT,4
Go to up: UP,2
Go to down: DOWN,8
Go to right-up: 3
Go to left-up: 1
Go to right-down: 9
Go to left-down: 7
Drop you friend: FIRE,5
Build a bridge: FIRE,5
game/map: Menu->Map